Tuesday, May 22, 2018

90 Requests

We had 90 Bible request today. Robin, Chuck and David came in early and got those Bibles stuffed and wrapped which made it easy to finis the weeks work all today. Once the Bibles were wrapped Marvin and David came in the other room to read letters. Kathy came in and joined them. She not only reads letters but also writes the letters we need to send out.
 Marvin and Vonnie were kept busy opening the studies that came in today.
 Chuck and mom were also kept busy not just opening the mail but applying labels.
 Stephanie brought the lunch today which meant we also got to see Israel and Elisabet.
They got to eat lunch with us.
 We enjoyed the food but the fellowship at lunch is almost as good as Stephanie’s meal.

After lunch the rest of the Bible requests were finished so the rest of the Bibles could be labeled and ready for mailing. We had a great day!


Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Another Productive Day

The volunteers for Berean Prison Ministry are all top notch. It is a JOY to show up at that office each Tuesday to spend time working along side each and everyone. Today was no exception. We got everything done, the studies processed the letters read and the requests filled.
 Above Vonnie is opening and sorting the studies and below Jan is applying postage to the envelopes using our postage machine.
 Above mom, Vonnie and Joyce are working on the studies and below Jeanette is applying the address labels to the envelopes then the envelopes to the studies while Dave and Kathy read the letters. Marvin is working on the computer printing out certificates for those that have finished all 50 lessons.
 Above Chuck has just grabbed a cup of coffee before sitting back down to work on labels. Below the volunteers are wrapping and addressing the Bibles that went out today.
 Above Bill is printing out the Bible postage and Below Kathy is smiling as she reads.
 Above they are just finishing up the Bibles and Below Robin is finishing the studies. Robin keeps this room organized and gives everyone a job keeping them all busy doing the work correctly. She is a big reason why we have been able to get two days work done in just 1 morning. We are very thankful for Robin!
 It is amazing the work that gets done when everyone is working together.

The saying “many hands make light work” is SO true. A big thank you to all who came today.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Postage Ink

We had a very good day at the Berean office. The Bibles were delivered WHEN we had muscle power. Mark, Marvin and Robin helped Eldon unload a pallet and a half of them stacking them against the wall.
 We had really good help opening the mail and applying labels. Chuck, Marvin L, Joyce and Vonnie went right to work opening the mail while Bill, mom and Marvin read letters.

Robin worked on wrapping some of the Bibles, enough for today’s mailing but the postage machine ran out of ink so we couldn’t print off the stamps to mail them out. Bill ordered new ink and it should be here soon.  All of today and tomorrow’s work got done today. I was thankful for the help

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Another Big Mail Day

Marvin bought and installed a new cabinet for the Berean office today. We needed more table space and this new cabinet will really help out by giving us room to put a lot of the supplies. Thanks Marvin!
 We had another big mail day today. Below Gertrude and Vonnie are hard at work opening the mail.
 They were soon joined by Shirley, Chuck, and not pictured, mom, all opening the studies.
 Joyce was put to work stamping envelopes.
 Jeanette came in just a bit later and was bothering one of our readers (Marvin her brother) which caused Leila to laugh. Kathy (also not pictured) was our other reader today.
 Jeanette took a couple stacks of studies out to the other room to work where Robin was busy wrapping Bibles. Bill had just arrived, he brought our printer ink.
 We had a good crew working and got all of today’s work done AND all of tomorrow’s too. Below Marvin and Bill are working on the certificates.

Thankful for another good day with great volunteers.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Big Mail Day

We had a FULL tub of mail today. It is nice to see the Bible program growing but more mail means more work. Thankfully we had a good group of volunteers come today.
Mackenson and Berlica came to help us today. Above Mackenson is opening envelopes while below Berlica is helping Robin with the Bibles.
 We were really busy today, getting the studies processed and the letters read but were not able to get the Bible requests entered. That will need to wait until tomorrow. Below Gertrude our oldest volunteer is telling our two youngest volunteers Bible stories while they work on stamping envelopes.
 Jeanette, Marvin, Dave and Kathy are hard at work in the picture below. Mark is busy at the computer entering the studies.
 Chuck, Jan, Vonnie and Shirley (not pictured) were busy with opening and processing the studies.

We had a good day getting all of the studies done by noon. We broke for lunch, then Bill, Marvin and Mark stayed to work on extra things while the rest of us left for the day. A big thank you to all who showed up to help today.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

More Requests

This blog post is a little late, this is actually Tuesday April 10th’s news. Just got a little too busy to sit down at the computer. We had another wonderful day at the Berean office. Lots of volunteers and even some visitors. We were able to get all the studies processed, the Bible requests entered, and both mailed out. So thankful for Bill Schick, the director of Berean Prison Ministry. He has taken over keeping the postage machine filled, dealing with the post office on changes, hauling all the mail to the post office and ALSO makes the coffee each morning he comes in. Below are a few pictures from Tuesday.
 Jeanette brought in our visitors of the day, her grand daughter and daughter.

We processed and mailed out over 80 Bibles this week. Thankful for the willingness of the volunteers to come help with this program.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Another GREAT Day

Knowing TAG was today Robin and I thought we may have a light amount of volunteers and we had a pretty good pile of mail to process. Each time the door opened to the Berean office we were thrilled  and soon the office was filled with the sound of happy volunteers joyfully serving. Below are a few pictures of our morning. The 3 readers today were Dave, Marvin and Bill.
Bill and Mark are in a discussion while below Marvin is showing Shirley an address to put on one of the studies. At the back table Chuck is applying labels while Bruce is opening the mail. Mom is reading letters.
 Above Jeanette is getting ready to apply labels to the studies she is holding while asking Dave a question. Below Marvin, Mark and Dave are discussing one of the problems with computer program we are using.
Above Jeanette and Rhoda are filling studies while Robin organizes them. Below Marvin is working on certificates of those that finished all 50 lessons.

We stopped for lunch but after lunch went right back to work on getting the Bible requests ready for mailing. We had 82 Bibles go out in today’s mail. Thankful for each and everyone that came today. What a wonderful group of volunteers all willing to serve where ever it is needed.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

We Did It Again

We were able to get today and tomorrow’s work done today. A big big thank you to all who came to help. Below are just some of the volunteers today. I wasn’t able to take pictures of a few who were working in the other room.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

We Did It

We had such a good group today at the Berean office, all willing to do what ever was needed. Leila was put right to work helping Robin. We had an extra job come in from one of the nursing homes and thankfully had the helpers to help with it.
 Bruce was put to work stamping envelopes while Chuck opened mail and applied labels. At the other table were Gertrude, Glenna and Joyce all busy opening mail or applying labels. I was busy at the computer and didn’t get pictures of Gertrude and Joyce.
 The two Marvins were helping Kathy with the reading. We were pretty thrilled to have Marvin back from his long winter vacation.
 Vonnie helps with everything around here from separating the studies to stuffing and helping with the intermediate studies.

We had to get the Bible labels printed today so the Bibles could be mailed off today. Marvin moved from reading letters to entering data and we got that job done too. We had a good day getting everything done by noon. I just keep exclaiming, “we did it!”  The work needed to be done today as the office will be closed Wednesday and Thursday.  We also used up all the Bibles and will need another pallet on next Tuesday.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Tuesday & Wednesday

We had a lot of mail on Tuesday. Chuck is hard at work opening it below. He came in early bringing bottled water for the volunteers, lots of water. As soon as the water was put away we put him to work.
 Gertrude at 94 years old is our oldest volunteer. She faithfully drives to the office each Tuesday to help. She also takes home and grades all of the silver series that comes in each week.
 Jeanette is the most enthusiastic volunteer. She brightens the office each time she walks in with her big smile and readiness to pitch in.
 Below Jeanette and Joyce are hard at work applying labels to envelopes.
 Below is the ‘dream team’ These volunteers are more than just readers they step in to help where ever help is needed.
 Robin is our go to person. We hear all day long, “Robin what do we do with this?” and of course she has the answer.
 Below Chuck is hard at work stuffing envelopes.

Our Tuesday group is so much fun to be with it makes it a joy to come to work.  The Wednesday group is in charge of entering all of the Bible requests for the week then mailing out those Bibles.  I forgot the camera today but Cindy, Carol, Robin and I got all of that work done this morning. I am very thankful for such wonderful willing helpers in this ministry. We had 121 Bibles go out today.