Our Mission

Our mission is to bring the message of the Word of God to inmates and their families both in the United States and abroad, and to provide for their spiritual needs as appropriate.

How We Aim to Achieve Our Mission:

  • Holding regular church services in a number of jails and prisons in Illinois, Missouri, Florida, Russia and Romania.
  • Providing Chaplains to serve in the prisons and jails.
  • Providing counseling services to inmates.
  • Providing religious books to inmates.
  • Providing Bibles for inmates who write and request one. Currently Berean Prison Ministries gives 100’s of Bibles per month at no cost to the inmate.
  • Berean has two 50 lesson Bible studies that are provided to inmates.The first four lessons are given with each new Bible that is sent with a return envelope. When the inmate completes the first lessons and returns them, they are graded by volunteers and the next lessons in the series are sent. Currently Berean volunteers grade 100’s of Bible study lessons per month. At the completion of each series of lessons a certificate of completion is given to the inmate.

The primary purpose of the Jail/Prison Chaplains is to provide religious services, guidance, counseling and Bibles for inmates. They are present to provide these functions at no cost or charge to the incarcerated and/or the institution. All Chaplains will follow all of the rules and regulations of the facility in which they serve. Chaplains are not permitted to give personal information (ie. last names, address, or phone numbers) regarding themselves or their families. They also are not permitted to pass or relay messages between inmates, make phone calls for inmates, place money in an inmates account, or provide bail. Chaplains will accept prayer requests from inmates, and may be able to provide Bibles for inmates when permitted by the facility rules. Families of the incarcerated may contact the Chaplain for questions or requests by using the email links on this page. For the answers to any questions not of a religious nature, please contact the officials at the Agency in charge of the facility.