Financial Needs:

The Berean Prison Ministries Board of Directors is committed to being good stewards of all the resources God has entrusted to our care. Please consider how you might partner with us to bring the message of hope and freedom to those who desperately need to hear of God’s forgiveness and love.

Ways to give: PayPal is linked to our donate tab, or in a self-addressed envelope attached to our newsletter.

We mail 100’s of Bibles per month to inmates and currently have 1000’s of inmates enrolled in our Bible study program.

  • Most of Berean’s 50 volunteers in Romania lack the resources to purchase gasoline or bus fare to travel to the 23 prisons in which they serve. Berean spends approximately $3,000 per month to provide for their expenses.

Prayer Requests:

The power of prayer is a remarkable thing and we see that power in work every day in the lives of those we minister to in and out of prison. Here are some of our current prayer requests.

  • For each of the locations where we hold services in the U.S. that our volunteers would boldly proclaim God’s word.
  • For the inmates who have committed their lives to follow Jesus Christ, that each one would grow in their faith to be godly men and women.
  • For Pastor John who leads the gypsy church in Meircurea Cuic, Romania that God would provide someone who help him with the leadership of this church.
  • For additional volunteers to serve in the 23 prisons where we are not now serving in Romania.
  • For Pastor Levente and his family as he leads the prison ministry works in Romania for Berean Prison Ministries.
  • Wisdom for our Board of Directors that our only goal would be the glory of God as we serve those in prisons.
  • For additional volunteers in the Peoria area to help with the Bible distribution and Bible study program.
  • For our approximately 250 volunteers serving in the U.S., that each would be faithful with all God has given us to do.
  • For the inmates who attend church services each week, that they would respond positively to the grace and mercy offered by our Lord and Savior.
  • That more of the inmates in the jails and prisons would attend the voluntary church services each week.