Ken Hoerr, Board Chairman

Kenneth HoerrKen Hoerr has been a part of Berean Prision Ministries since its inception in 1996 where he served as a volunteer at  Peoria County Jail. He has been active in the Romanian prision ministery since it beginning. Ken assumed the position of Board Chairman in 2013 upon the death of Ed Meister.

Ken and his wife, Darlene, have 3 children,13 grandchildren and 8 great-grandchildren. He served as a minister for 39 years  in the Apostolic Christian Church in Peoria, IL.

Education: Ken has a BS degree in Business from Bradley University.

Professional Experience: He was employed by Heights Finance Corporation where he retired as President after 45 years of service.

Ken Helmuth, Vice President Process and Procedures

Ken Helmuth Berean Prison Ministries Ken Helmuth joined Berean Prison Ministries in 2000 as a volunteer at the Peoria County Jail. In addition to serving as Secretary of the Board of Directors, he currently serves as Chaplain at the Fulton County Jail in Lewistown, Ill. He also has responsibility for the Romanian and Russian prison ministries. He currently resides in Morton, IL with his wife, Diane, and attends Grace Church in Morton, IL.

Education: AA 1970, Hesston College. BS 1973, McPherson College. JD 1983, Washburn University School of Law. LLM 1986, University of Missouri Kansas City School of Law.

Professional Experience: Ken retired in 2013 from the Legal Services Division at Caterpillar Inc.

Paul “Spark” Meister, Vice President Ministry Services

Paul MeisterSpark began serving with Berean Prison Ministries in 1999 at the Peoria Juvenile Detention Center.  In 2002 he began serving as Chaplin at the Peoria County Jail, and is currently on the  Board of Directors.  He currently resides near Hanna City with his wife Rhonda and attends the Peoria Apostolic Christian Church.

Education: Spark graduated from Illinois Central College in 1973.

Professional Experience: Spark began working at Meister Electric in 1973, and is currently the President and owner of the company

David W. “Skip” Meister III,  Secretary

David W. Meister IIISkip Meister joined Berean Prison Ministries in 1996 as a volunteer Chaplain at the Peoria County Youth Farm. In 2004, he moved to the Peoria County Jail to work as the Worship Leader for the Sunday morning services. In 2008, he also began working as an inmate biblical counselor on Friday mornings in the Peoria County Jail. Skip lives in Peoria with his wife, Pat, and is a member of the Peoria Apostolic Christian Church. He and Pat have two daughters and eight grandchildren. Skip also serves as the Assistant Secretary of the Board of Directors.

Professional Experience: Skip has worked in the insurance business since 1988, first as an agency owner for 22+ years, and most recently as an agent with Kuhl Insurance Agency in Morton, IL.

Kent Steffen, Treasurer

Kent SteffenKent Steffen grew up in Elgin, Illinois. He was baptized by the Holy Spirit in Kansas City, Missouri. He then became a member of the Apostolic Church in Kansas City, Missouri. God moved him to Peoria, Ill., and he is now a member of the Apostolic Christian Church. He joined the Berean Prison Ministries in 1999, after meeting and getting engaged to Joanne Hemmer. Joanne has played the piano at Peoria County Jail’s three Sunday morning services since nearly the inception of Berean Prison Ministries. Kent is responsible for scheduling the Berean Prison Ministries’ Sunday morning services at the Peoria Rescue Mission. He participates in the Sunday morning pod cell Service at the Peoria County Jail.

Education: Kent attended the University of Southern Illinois Carbondale where he received a Bachelor of Sciences degree from the College of Business.

Professional Experience: Kent has a background in automobile financing, as well as mortgage, banking and consumer finance.

Isaac Wofford, Legal Affairs

Isaac Wofford

Isaac began first visited the Fulton County, IL jail as a Berean Prison Ministries volunteer in 2009.  From that time he has been actively involved in bringing the Gospel to inmates in Fulton County, IL as well as, since 2014, in Mason County, IL.  Isaac joined the Berean Prison Ministries Board of Directors in 2014.  Isaac lives in Washington, IL with his wife Rachel and four children and is a member of the Apostolic Christian Church.

Education:  B.A. 1999, University of Illinois College of Liberal Arts.  J.D. 2002, University of Illinois College of Law.

Professional Experience:  2002-2008, Associate, Jones Day.  2008-Present, Corporate Counsel, Caterpillar Inc.

Bob Hoerr, Board Member

Tim Martin, Board Member

William Schick, Director

Bill Schick